MonkeyWrench keeps your Tessitura data in sync with Mailchimp, allowing you to use Mailchimp not just for email delivery, but as an automation platform that any mere mortal can use.

Once given access to your REST API, MonkeyWrench monitors your constituents for changes to personal information, purchases and donations and updates. New data is synchronized daily.


Key Tessitura attributes are imported by MonkeyWrench so that they are ready to use as merge tags in Mailchimp. Tailor your communications for better results. Use built-in Mailchimp features to test and refine your email campaigns.

Segment in Mailchimp

You can pull together segments in Mailchimp based on key data from Tessitura, including constituent codes, preferences, ticket and contribution history. You can also combine these with information in Mailchimp — like email engagement and website integration data — to build even more powerful campaigns.

Pull together emails with ease

Mailchimp’s best-in-class visual editor allows you to pull together rich email designs quickly and easily. Because MonkeyWrench imports your productions from Tessitura, titles, images and links are ready to go. Preformed panels with ready-linked calls to action can be dragged into position. No link checking required.

Make personal recommendations

Mailchimp will analyse the patterns in your customer’s purchase and web browsing behavior to make personalized recommendations. Personalized recommendations blocks can be pulled into any email. Or you can schedule regular personalized performance listings.

Date-based automations

MonkeyWrench imports next and last attendance dates so that you can schedule automated reminders or post performance follow ups, or remind someone when their membership needs renewing.

Abandoned carts

Through Mailchimp’s ecommerce integration, you can set up email automation workflows to boost conversion, such as automatically emailing users when they abandon a cart on your website, or setting up a series of welcome emails when they first sign up with you.

Go beyond email

Use Mailchimp to place Facebook and Google Ads. Your performance content is already imported and ready to go.


MonkeyWrench is billed monthly based on the number of email addresses in your synced list. (Mailchimp lists that aren’t connected to Tessitura, don’t count.)

Price Band $ USD £ GBP A$ AUD
Setup $1,000 £750 A$1,400
50,000 Subscribers (monthly) $200 £150 A$280
100,000 Subscribers (monthly) $300 £225 A$420
250,000 Subscribers (monthly) $590 £450 A$825
500,000 Subscribers (monthly) $1,030 £780 A$1,445
These costs are in addition to a Mailchimp account, which you will need to set up directly.


What’s included in the price?

Pricing includes the service and support for the MonkeyWrench connector product via our support ticket system with a standard Made Media support SLA. Made Media supports the data synchronization product and its operation. The client is responsible for maintaining Tessitura connectivity and configuration. Mailchimp support is available from Mailchimp.

Made Media can provide consultancy and support for Mailchimp and wider email-marketing strategy and website integration as an additional project on a time and materials basis.

What happens if we outgrow our plan?

If the number of users exceeds your plan, MonkeyWrench will temporarily cease syncing. You can contact us to raise the band, or do some data cleanup to deactivate old accounts where necessary

How is MonkeyWrench delivered?

It is software as a service delivered via the cloud, hosted on Google’s servers.

Who’s behind MonkeyWrench?

Made Media is a company based in the UK and US with a track record of over 30 Tessitura integrations.

What is involved in setup?

You will need a Mailchimp account. MonkeyWrench also requires access to Tessitura’s REST API, that’s it.

How often do you sync the data?

We check for updates once per hour and sync data at a manageable, sustainable rate.

How do users subscribe?

Users find their way onto the synced Mailchimp list by virtue of having a constituent record in Tessitura with a checked contact permission. We can also sync contact point purposes and interest Keywords to Groups in Mailchimp to allow you to more granularly target your communications. This is the best way to track marketing preferences in Tessitura for different types of email communications. We will only upload user data for users with a checked marketing preference.

What if I want people to subscribe without creating a Tessitura constituent?

Users can also subscribe directly to your mailchimp list. If they subsequently create a constituent record in Tessitura (by purchasing - for example) the data from Tessitura will be appended to the pre-existing mailchimp record.

What happens when a user Unsubscribes?

Mailchimp is strict about offering a global unsubscribe button on every communication. When a user unsubscribes on Mailchimp they will be held in a suppression list there, and we will also uncheck their email marketing preference in Tessitura.

Do you track clicks and opens in Tessitura?

Not at this time. The Mailchimp API does not currently give us a selective way to track these events, and one of the key features we have focused on with MonkeyWrench is maintaining performance and currency of information by minimising the amount of data that needs to be regularly exchanged.


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